2021-2022 Handbook and Policies

Welcome to the 28th Season of Miss Linda’s School of Dance! We hope your summer has been a restful and relaxing one. We are looking forward to a great year of fun and exciting dance classes. We have lots of new things in store for this year’s classes and especially for this year’s show!

Please read this handbook and ask either Linda or one of the teachers if you have any questions. After twenty-seven successful years we have learned a great deal about how the studio should be operated. For this reason, we ask for your cooperation and support.

Twenty-three years ago, we began our Parent Committee. Parent Committee members should be commended for their hard work and assistance during last year’s show. If you are interested in being a part of the Parent Committee, please speak to Linda.

Please carefully read the sections regarding uniforms and shoes as some classes have changed this year. If you have any questions, please ask.

Classes are held at the Michael J. Perkins Post on O and East Fourth Street in South Boston and 771 Adams Street in Dorchester (above Joe Glynn cleaners). The studios open for classes on Saturday, September 19th.

We have found that the best form of communication is through email. Please make sure we have your correct email on file. If you have any questions, our studio email is misslindasschoolofdance@yahoo.com .


We look forward to a great dance year!


Policies and Procedures


  • Miss Linda’s School of Dance is open from September until our recital in June. The studio is closed during school vacations. A monthly newsletter will be sent via email to all families. Please be sure to read the newsletter as it contains all important dates and information.



  • It is especially important that attendance be consistent. If a student misses more than 4 lessons they will be asked to leave the studio. It is exceedingly difficult to re-teach the same routines repeatedly due to the absence of many children. Attendance will be taken at the beginning of each class.


Snow Days

  • Miss Linda’s School of Dance has changed the policy regarding inclement weather. We will no longer be following the Boston Public School policy. Due to inclement weather, a message will be left on our Facebook page and website of the studio(s). Please check for updates before you come to class.


Open Classroom Days

  • Parents are not permitted inside the studio during dance classes. Due to COVID related guidelines we will be having open classroom through zoom. There will be two opportunities for parents to observe, once in December and once in the late spring. The dates will be posted with advance notice.



  • All communication will be done through email. You will receive billing, monthly newsletters, class changes & cancellations via email. Please be sure we have your current email address on file.



  • Each class will perform two dances and have two recital costumes. Costumes must be ordered in January to ensure delivery for the recital. The cost for the two costumes is $150 and will be charged to your account in January. See information on the fees page for more details. Students are measured before the winter break in December. Hip Hop Class only $60 per costume.


2021 Recital Information

  • Miss Linda’s School of Dance annual recital will be held at Milton High School. In addition to the beautiful (air conditioned) auditorium and professional stage, there is a state-of-the-art sound system and an excellent space for students who are waiting to go on stage. Parking is free.

  • It is our hope that in December we will have a better sense of how to move forward with our annual dance recital. We are working hard right now to develop an alternative plan if we are unable to hold a large-scale indoor event in June.

  • An information packet with specifics about Ticket Day, Dress Rehearsal and Recital policies as well as video information, picture day information and summer camp will be sent home before April vacation.


Dance Recital:      TBD Mandatory

Dress Rehearsal:  TBD

Tickets on Sale:    TBD



Parent Committee


  • The purpose of this committee is to communicate with parents in each class during recital time so that everyone understands all the studio’s policies.

  • There are many young students, especially as the studio grows, and there are many new families. By having representatives for each class, it ensures each parent has someone to ask questions of during the busiest time of the year - recital time.

  • Committee Members are involved in helping back-stage during dress rehearsal and at the recital. There are simply too many students to effectively manage backstage. This also gives younger students a familiar face to stay with while waiting to go on stage. A system is in place so that every parent will have the opportunity to see their child on stage from the audience.



  • Two representatives per class are needed.

  • Be available for dress rehearsal and dance recital.

  • Attend one Parent Committee meeting, date to be announced.

  • Additionally, members of the Parent Committee will have a phone list to get in touch with families should there be a need to cancel a class for any reason.


For parents who fully commit to helping, there are three perks:

  • waiver of the rehearsal fee

  • advance ticket purchase for the recital

  • waiver of the advanced registration fee.



Fees and Payments

Class Fees

  • We have now moved to an online system called the Studio Director. Payments will be charged automatically on the 10th of every month through the debit or credit card that is kept on file. Families will be able to log in to the parent portal for class and billing information. Please note: Miss Linda has the right to cancel 2 classes throughout the year for inclement weather or sickness without offering make up classes. Class fees are based on a yearly amount divided by 9 monthly installments.


Class Fees are as follows:

  • 60-minute class $62 per month

  • 45-minute class $52 per month


Please note: Rates are based upon a monthly schedule. Payment is the same each month regardless of absence from class.


Other Fees

Registration Fee:         $20 per family

Rehearsal Fee:             TBD


Costume Fees

  • Each child performs in two dance numbers. Costumes fees will be paid in full in January. This year costumes will be ordered in January to ensure arrival for our June performance. The fee for both costumes is $150. A discount is given to families with more than one child in the studio. The cost for a second and third student is $100 and is due in February.

  • The costume payment will also be charged through the parent portal. The $150 costume fee will be charged to your account as part of your January class fee.

  • Please Note: Payments are non-refundable.




2021 Award Recipients:    

  • Each year an award is given to at least two students who have put forth their best effort all year, have demonstrated spirit and enthusiasm in class, and have been faithful, cooperative and a pleasure to have in class. The students receive a small gift as well as a one-year scholarship of free class tuition. Award recipients are students who have danced for several years.





  1. Please arrive five minutes before your actual class time.

  2. All students will enter through the 4th Street entrance. A teacher will meet you at the front door.

  3. Students will be asked a list of questions regarding how you are feeling, have you traveled in the last 14 days, have you been in contact with anyone who has been exposed or had a confirmed positive COVID Test.

  4. All students MUST have on a mask when entering the studio.

  5. All students will wash their hands with hand sanitizer before they travel into the studio.

  6. All the waiting rooms will be eliminated only students will be allowed in the studio.

  7. The studio is taped into six-foot blocks for students to dance and to allow for social distancing.

  8. Students should bring a small bag with dance shoes and a bottle of water into the studio: They will be kept in a cubby or a bin.

  9. When the students are in the six-foot box students can put down their mask.

  10. When traveling around the studio masks must be worn.

  11. Teachers will have masks on at all time.

  12. Please note that there may be extenuating circumstances that will call for a teacher helping your child (changing shoes, bathroom trip, etc). We will take all precautions before doing so.

  13. Students will wash hands before they leave the studio.

  14. All students will exit out of the O Street Entrance.

  15. The studio will be cleaned in between each class.



Liability Disclaimer Due to COVID-19

Miss Linda’s School of Dance is following the guidelines and directives from the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and Governor Baker’s reopening plan concerning COVID-19.  Please visit the website for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) at cdc.gov to learn about the symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19), preventative measures, and care instructions. 

Miss Linda’s School of Dance, its owner, Linda Damatin, and its employees shall not be liable for the risk of transmission of COVID-19 on the business premises where dance classes are conducted, or for the transmission of COVID-19 on the business premises where dance classes are conducted, the potential for transmission on the business premises where dance classes are conducted, or any resulting illness.