About Us

Miss Linda’s School of Dance first opened in the fall of 1994.  The first dance recital was held on June 6, 1995 and included about 40 students in 18 different numbers.


In September 2018 we marked our 25th season. Over the past five years the studio has evolved to meet the needs of the students and families in the communities in which we live. We have expanded our classes and now offer a new component to our program, the competitive edge. We are proud to offer our students an opportunity to study a wide range of dance and experience the competition side of the industry. We listen to our customers and designed a curriculum that best meets every ones needs. As we enter our fall season, we will have a competition and company team who will compete this season.


In September 2014 we opened a second location at St. Brendan’s Church in Dorchester. This studio received a great response last season and to meet the demands, we will offer a wider range of classes this season.